The San Francisco Bay Area has a history steeped in forward-thinking, technically dazzling metal, and NITE carries that torch with pride. Founded in 2018, their blackened heavy metal barrels towards the peril of an unknown future, while looking to the days when blistering leads once ruled the land. Guitarists Van Labrakis (Satan’s Wrath, Mencea) and Scott Hoffman (Dawnbringer, High Spirits) let loose galloping riffs and harmonies that evoke the classic sounds of the N.W.O.B.H.M., with Labrakis’ grizzled voice driving their dark, melodic metal into the modern era. Drummer Patrick Crawford (Older Sun, Mustard Gas & Roses) and bassist Avinash Mittur (Wretched Stench) make up a rhythm section that’s fierce yet breathlessly precise: a freewheel pounding reminiscent of heavy metal’s earliest days.

For their sophomore album, NITE joined forces with the legendary Season of Mist and released Voices of the Kronian Moon in 2022. It has earned accolades from critics and fans alike, who have lauded the tight songwriting, fiery guitarwork and its glistening production. Voices of the Kronian Moon propels NITE’s signature blackened heavy metal forward while tightening their grip on the anthemic melodies that metal fans have held dear for decades. NITE is the flame of the past illuminating the darkness of tomorrow.


Van Labrakis - Guitar / Vocals

Scott Hoffman - Guitar

Avinash Mittur - Bass

Patrick Crawford - Drums

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